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What is solar hot water?

Solar hot water is a hot water system that uses the heat from the Sun as a source of free energy.

It has a tank to store the hot water and panels that absorb heat from the Sun. 


Think of how hot the inside of your car feels after being parked in the Sun and you can see the potential.

Correctly installed, a 2 x panel solar hot water system will produce the equivalent of a 2-3Kw solar power system while using a quarter of the roof space.

In most cases your will see 75-90% savings on you hot water bills which is approx. 1/3 on your power bill.  


How solar hot water works

  • Solar hot water has 3 types of power available, the Sun, Electricity, or Gas.

  • The Sun is the primary source of energy.

  • Electricity or Gas are back up sources of heat, only to be used on occasions when there is not enough heat from the Sun.   

Roof mounted solar hot water

Tank and panels on your roof 

Sears Solar Roof Mounted Solar Hot Water System

Split system solar hot water

Tank on ground and panels on your roof

Sears Solar Neopower Split System Solar Hot Water.png

Importance of Design and Installation 

Solar hot water systems require people with the knowledge and experience to install them to get the desired results. 

By results we mean:

  • Maximum savings on hot water bills and,

  • Gaining the most life from the system.

  • Hot water is delivered in a timely manner.

I estimate a minimum 70% of installed solar hot water systems in the greater Brisbane area are not working to their full potential.

90% of people I have encountered do not know how to use them.

Day after day we see systems that fail at 10 years or less, that would have lasted 20+ years.

One of our customers had solar hot water installed on his new home and it was never working. He and his family spent $2400 on hot water in 3 years when it should have been more like $400. 

Every story that I have heard from someone who was not happy with their solar hot water has been the result of poor installation and the quality of the system. 

Sears Solar was created is to address this issue. 

Request a quote or repair

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If you have a Solar Hot Water system now and are not receiving a MINIMUM of 65% off your hot water bills, call us and we'll quote to fix that for you. 

If you don't know if you are saving money on your solar hot water contact us.

You have nothing to lose but big hot water bills.