Troy Cottrell – Director 

Plumber and Drainer

Solar Hot Water Professional

I have been a fully licenced QLD Plumber and Drainer for 32 years, 22 years specialising in solar hot water, predominantly in the South East QLD area.

During this time, I have seen many changes in the Solar Hot Water industry and in particular the amount of people today dissatisfied with their Solar Hot Water experience.

When researching online the number one question asked is “are they worth it?” and I know from personal experience there is absolutely no need for this scepticism.

The truth is, depending on where you live in Australia, how much Sun you get there a year, the quality and capabilities of the system and people designing and installing, determine whether you will win or not with Solar Hot Water.

If you find someone who knows what they are doing and your home is suitable for Solar Hot Water you always win, end of story.

I know this to be true because of the number of times I’ve fixed or reinstalled a Solar Hot Water system that hasn’t been installed correctly, always results in very satisfied customers that wish they had met me earlier.

Today it seems, many businesses and manufacturers selling Solar Hot Water are more interested in profits than helping people to save money on their hot water bills every time.

Today, customer service is considered a business expense, instead of an opportunity to build a relationship and good will with their customer.

It is from working with and for companies like this that led to the inspiration of Sears Solar.

We see customer service as an opportunity to serve others.

If you have a problem, you speak to a real person who has the knowledge to help resolve the issue or has access to someone who does know.

Our guarantee’s are exactly that. A promise to produce a specific outcome for our customers.

Giving our word is a matter of honour, not some sales gimmick.

The products we offer are specifically chosen for their quality, have proven themselves as cost effective over time and come with good warranties.

Every contractor we use to install the systems have been hand picked by myself and trained in how to use the Sun as an energy source, just as I was.

Everyone associated with Sears Solar genuinely likes helping people, enjoys the personal satisfaction gained from working in this manner and is responsible for their actions.

We want you to feel you have made the right decision for you and your family and reassured that you have the right people you can trust to fix a problem should one arise.

Our aim is to deliver on promises, offering products and service you will feel confident referring to others from your own experience.

Who doesn’t like the feeling of being able to say, “I know someone who can help you.”?