Solar Hot Water vs Solar Power

To Heat Your Water?

There is a common myth in the solar industry that states Solar Hot Water is no longer an effective option to heat water.

This report is designed to address this misperception and highlight other considerations most Solar Power sales reps wont tell you.

Please note, we are a Brisbane based business and the averages and savings spoken of in this report are based on this area.

Also, we love Solar Power as much as Solar Hot Water.

Both save the environment for future generations and do wonders for power bills.

From experience many people do not know the difference between Solar Hot Water and Solar Power so lets start there.

Difference between Solar Hot Water and Solar Power.

Solar Hot Water uses HEAT from the Sun to create hot water.


Solar Power uses LIGHT from the Sun to create electricity.

How Solar Hot Water Works

How Solar Power works

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How Solar Hot Water Works vs Solar Power
How Solar Power PV Works vs Solar Hot Wa
HEAT from the Sun causes the panels to create hot water
LIGHT from the Sun causes the panels to create electricity 

The Solar Power Sales Pitch

Designing Solar for your home is much more than just putting some panels on your roof and hoping for the best. 


Many Solar Power Salespeople will tell you to just heat up your hot water using Solar Power.

Anyone telling you this generally has no idea about Solar Hot Water and what it can do for you. They just want the sale.

In Brisbane, Solar Hot Water will generally use next to no power 7+ months of the year. In Winter, it will use around a third of what you spend now on hot water bills.

Solar Hot Water also uses approx. of 1/3 of the roof space required for Solar Power and produces more energy.

In most cases, a combination of Solar Hot Water and Solar Power is how you win.

Sears Solar Dodgy Solar Power Con Vs Sol

Case Study

Lets look at an average home with 4 people.

Most homes have the potential to install 6.6 Kw Solar Power systems with a 5Kw inverter, which will produce approx. 9000Kw per year.​

Electric hot water will use approx. 3650 Kw of that power per year.

Solar Hot Water (correctly installed) will use approx. 680KW per year.

That the best part of 3000 Kw of power per year to either use in your home powering your other appliances, sell back to the grid to offset the cost of power you buy back at night (which is when most homes use the bulk of their power) or charge a battery, just by switching to Solar Hot Water.  

Sears Solar Excess Power Sold To

3000Kw Extra

Exported to Grid

$ in your pocket

Solar Hot Water requires 1/3 of the roof space 

To produce enough power to heat your water will require a 2Kw's of Solar Power producing min 10Kw's per day.


This equates to 8 Solar Power panels.

A Roof Mounted Solar Hot Water system uses approx. a third of the space to produce 10 - 16Kw's of energy.

With Split Solar Hot Water systems only the panels are on the roof which use even less space.

This leaves more room for Solar Power to power the rest of your home, sell back to the grid to offset the power you buy back at night or charge a battery. 

Roof space required

Solar Power vs Solar Hot Water

Solar Power PV vs Solar Hot Water Worth

Solar Hot Water is a Solar system and a Hot Water tank

Is Solar Hot Water Worth Is a Solar Powe

Even if you decide to just heat your hot water using Solar Power, consider this:

At some stage your existing hot water system will need replacing, whether electric or gas.


For a family of 4 this will be around $2000 fully installed legally so be sure to add this into your Solar Power quote.

Solar Hot Water is a new hot water tank AND a Solar Power system in one. 

Taking out the cost of the tank, you can get a high quality 2-3Kw Solar system for around $2500 from Sears Solar and of course, we guarantee it will work!   

Solar Hot Water systems are like battery's at a third of the price 

The hot water heated by the Sun during the day is mostly used at night. This makes Solar Hot Water systems like rechargeable batteries.

Solar Hot Water stores on average 10 - 16Kw of energy created by the Sun during the day, ready for use at night.


Worth knowing, currently Solar Power Batteries are around $12,000 each and store only 10Kw.

10Kw will power one hot plate to cook your dinner opening the fridge for an hour. Then you start buying power again for the night.

We offer a high quality Roof Mounted Solar Hot Water system for approx. 1/3 of the price fully installed.

Even if you buy a battery, you still need the excess power from your Solar Power system to charge it. After heating an electric hot water unit you may not have enough power left. As already discussed, Solar Hot Water has a definite advantage here. 

Sears Solar Hot Water Excess To Charge B

In Summary

As you can see Solar Hot Water is well worth considering when it comes to designing Solar for your home.

To get these results I cannot stress enough the importance of buying quality, both in product and the people designing and installing your systems this is paramount to gaining excellent results in savings and long term savings from your investment.

With Solar Hot Water we guarantee you will get excellent results or we wont sell you a system.


If you have questions, please feel free to call or email us and we'll help you in any way we can. Solar is our favourite subject!

Thank you for your time and we hope you found this information valuable.

To discover more about how Solar Hot Water works, the systems we offer or frequently asked questions, please use the links below.