With Sears Solar, you are not just buying solar hot water.

Included we every quality system we offer is:

Solar Hot Water Systems
Solar Hot Water Systems
Solar Hot Water Systems

Our specialist knowledge that guarantees your system will work to it's maximum potential, evident by immediate and ongoing savings on your energy bills, 

Your system installed by quality fully licensed and insured Plumbers and Electricians to our high standards of performance and neatness using high quality materials,

Ongoing, easy to access, prompt after sales support if required.

New Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar hot water systems we offer:

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Neopower Stainless Steel Roof Mount and VE Split Systems

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Rinnai Stainless Steel Roof Mounted Solar Hot Water


Hydrotherm - Air to Energy Technology Heat Pumps

Sears Solar Service With A Smile Solar H

Q. How we choose the systems we offer?

A. Experience.

During my 22+ years as a plumber specialising in solar hot water installations, I have sold, installed and repaired well over 20,000 systems of all different makes and models.

The systems we offer at Sears Solar are the result of this experience and specifically chosen for savings potential, longevity, low ongoing maintenance costs and ease of use warranty processes.

In other words, systems that provide value for money.

We therefore offer:

  • Rinnai and Neopower Stainless Steel Roof Mounted Systems both with 10 year warranties on their tanks.

  • Neopower Split systems with a 7 year warranty on the tank.

  • Hydrotherm Heat pump with 6 years full replacement warranty.

Of course we also guarantee they will work!

During the quoting process, we evaluate your property and hot water usage and recommend the system that best serves your needs and budget.

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