Trifecta of Poor Installation.

Updated: May 4

Panels Facing East, East South. Only giving the sun a chance to heat the water at 6-8 am when it is still warming up and when there isn’t shading from the tree.

Thank goodness it is now illegal to install panels south facing in Australia (the southern hemisphere), as you need your panels to face towards the sun (North) for quality effectiveness.

This house has the trifecta,

1.Panels facing the wrong way,


3.The angle of the panels.

Then there is the shade from the trees and the vent. Shade is not our friend when it comes to Solar Hot Water systems. You can see from the aerial view of this house the amount of shade on the panels. With the amount of useable available roof space on this house, the mind boggles why the installer picked this position to place the panels.

This roof’s pitch is about 10°; for Solar Hot Water Panels to be at their most effective in they are best faced at the sun, as stated in my second paragraph, this also goes for the pitch. These panels are far too flat, so in the summer months, when the sun goes right overhead, they will get far too hot from the sun, causing unnecessary stress to the system. Then in winter, they aren’t going to catch enough of the sun’s rays (heat) as the sun is lower in the sky.

This was not done by a Solar Hot Water Specialist.


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