Trees Don’t Have To Mean No to Solar Hot Water.

Updated: May 4

Panels are facing just to the East of North, giving the sun the absolute best chance to heat the water throughout the whole day.

The trees around your property don’t mean you can’t have an efficient Solar Hot Water Systems. It can cut down the effectiveness, so, therefore, your savings. Depending on where the trees are, the type of tree, and if they have finished growing.

These trees on this property, even though well-established, are to the southwest of the house. With the sun in the north of our sky here in Brisbane, the only time they will throw shade on these solar hot water panels would be in the late afternoon in winter. If the trees are South of the panels and the panels face North.

Having your home correctly diagnosed before you buy and install your Solar Hot Water System avoids costly mistakes like these unfortunate people who’s solar can’t work.

Having the right system for your needs placed on your roof in the right place to give you the best savings (Return on Investment) is what you should expect when dealing with specialists. Guaranteed.


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