Solar Hot Water Vs Solar Power? Sales Pitch Vs Reality When It Comes to Heating Water.

Updated: Jul 28

These days you mention "Solar" to people, and most people think panels on roofs, not thinking much past that. They then figure you're talking about Solar Power and that it will cover all your bills. Back in the day, when the buyback was as high as 55cents per Kilowatt, this was more likely the case.

There has been such a marketing push on Solar Rebates, and every man and his dog was setting up a Solar Power business to get on the government rebates bandwagon.

Many salespeople want exactly that, a sale. They tell you what you want to hear with very little to no come back on them once your system had been installed. I have experienced this first hand myself.

Then, you have the Solar Hot Water Systems being installed by plumber's that don't specialize in this field. For instance, we serviced a system last week where the water had never been turned on to the panels by the installing plumber. The system was three years old. So it had worked as an expensive electric all this time! Now it is working wonderfully, making close to free hot water for that family.

This type of thing has led to much "Hit and Miss" you hear about when asking, "is Solar Hot Water worth it?".

This leads to the perfect Segway to the myth used in the Solar Power industry that Solar Hot Water is no longer effective, "just use your Solar Power for everything."

What about weekends and school holidays when having your air-conditioner or other significant appliances are running? Such devices take up most to all of the energy produced by your Solar Power System, leaving your hot water to be heated up from mains power costing you money.

In Brisbane Solar Hot Water installed correctly, uses next to no electricity for approximately 7 months of the year, and at a fraction of the cost of gas or electric systems for the rest of the year.

The perfect situation is to have both, Solar Hot Water and Solar Power. Bang for your buck or the best return on your investment, I would go Solar Hot Water first.

Our research shows that people with only Solar Power can still end up with a sizable bill, where people with both Solar Hot Water and Solar Power either don't have a bill or it is very little. I know I'm in credit every month 😊.


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