Solar Hot Water Installed Properly, Works, You Can’t Lose.

Updated: May 18

Panels: Just to the East of North, giving the SUN a great chance to heat the water 1st. The way it should always work with Solar Hot Water.

This System would be from the early 70’s, making it approximately 40 years old. In its day, installed correctly, this System would have worked exceptionally well.

As you can clearly see from the photo, the System has seen better days with each end of the outer tank coming away. This would be causing some heat to escape, so the water not staying as hot in the tank as it once was.

The corrosion at the bottom of the panels would be affecting how well the SUN can heat the water.

A family of 3-5 people would have saved $24 000 - $40 000 over 40 years in energy costs to heat their hot water, minus the cost of the System, as well as the carbon footprint savings.


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