Save on Energy Costs As My Family Did.

Panels North facing gives the sun a great chance to heat the water throughout the whole day.

Here is a home I know personally, the house I grew up in from my preteens to adulthood. This system was installed in approximately 1981 and still on the roof today. That’s 40 years!

It is north facing Roof-mounted system that we only ever had to use the back-up heating system (electric booster) less than a handful of times a year. That was with four females in the house!

That’s an approximate saving of over $30000 in energy costs over the 40 years and the environmental impact of all this time not using non-renewable fuel source.

We are not saying all systems will last that long these days. Nothing is built to last like it used to be. That said, there are still excellent systems out there that we have sourced.

Having your home Diagnosed, Installing the system correctly by a specialist like ourselves, then gaining the knowledge on what to check every quarter. Having it maintained every five years like all hot water systems ought to be. You will save on energy costs as my family did.😊.

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