Increase The Value Of Your Home

Updated: May 4

Let's talk about increasing the value of your most significant investment, your home. It's the Australian dream to own your own home. Sears Solar can help you increase the value of your investment with one of our eco-friendly Solar Hot Water Systems.

Our Performance Guarantee will save you a minimum of 65% of your annual hot water bills*. It is also transferable to new owners or tenants.

  • In your own home, you can start saving straight away on your hot water bills. Here in Brisbane and the Sunshine coast getting free hot water from the SUN approximately 70% of the year.

  • If you have a rental or decide to rent your current property, our guarantee and the savings that go along with it can raise your week-to-week rental price, making you extra money and saving your tenants on their bills at the same time. Happy tenants feeling valued, looking after your property. Who doesn't want good long-term tenants? All from something that is a tax deduction for you.

  • Did you know that you can specify the search to look for eco-friendly homes when looking for a new home? It is something that is becoming more and more popular these days. We are happy to provide your real-estate with a document quickly explaining our guarantee and the benefits of having a Sears Solar Hot Water System installed with the ease of transferring this to the new owner. You are adding an edge and extra value to your home in an ever-increasing competitive market.

*Based on Electrical or Gas Systems


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