How I Became a Co-Founder In This Amazing Company

Updated: May 4

I was a friend and Troy’s client, Before I was a part-owner in this fantastic business!

I had solar power panels on two of my homes but didn't understand the difference between solar panels and solar hot water until the day my electric hot water system gave up.

I called Troy, I knew he dealt in hot water and I had faith that he would look after me. I wasn't interested in looking around for the lowest price. I needed reliable hot water. I had a house full of people!

Troy arranged a temporary Hot water system immediately, he diagnosed the correct system for my home and arranged installation.

I remember him explaining the system on the day of installation, thinking, "I'm sure I don't need to know all of this. He must be telling me this because I'm his mate. He is going over and above to make sure I know this simple but useful stuff.

After all, what tradesman take’s time, to explain how the booster switch works etc. Troy reassured me, that this system will start paying for the install price, from my next power bill"!

It did! I never had another "Power bill" at that home again. Between my already installed solar power panels and my new Solar Hot Water System, I was always in credit from that day forward.

I don't believe any other company has ever offered a guarantee "Return On Investment." Not even the "reputable company"Troy was the state manager of.

Fast forward four-plus years. I couldn't have been happier.

The more I got to know Troy, and seeing his passion for "Restoring Faith in the Solar Hot Water Industry," I too became passionate.

I have experienced first-hand, how well the system works, when done right, you have a fundamental understanding of how it works, and confidence in after sale support, if problems occur.

Watching Troy build this company, his plan is was to provide a service with good old fashion values. Reliable informed customer service, with open, transparent communication, integrity and ethics. All things we are both very passionate about.

I wanted in! My gut before my head wanted to be a part of this.

Many circumstances lined up for this to happen.

2020 was a challenging year for most, including us both. It has helped us shape the strong foundations of this remarkable company "Sears Solar" which we are very proud to call our own.

My background is varied, always with a strong customer focus.

I consider myself a bit of a greenie, being incredibly passionate about lessening the impact on mother earth. Hence, my primary reason for having Solar in my last three homes, spanning more than a decade, and why I drive a fully electric car nowadays and use as many sustainable products with my family and in my home.

Like most of us, I have limited resources & like to see the value in what I purchase. I don't mind spending more on something if I can see it will save me money in the long run.

Without realizing it, I have been looking for a "Return On Investment" for year’s.

Helping people find a “Return On Investment” was another major attraction of my becoming a Co-Founder in Sears Solar.

Troy brings his vast experience of over two decades specializing in the solar hot water industry to guarantee "Return On Investment "for all our clients.

Being able to provide a guarantee on what someone will save, instead of the old vague "you should" or "you could" save this.

Installing Solar Hot Water Systems was and should remain a specialized field if you want a guaranteed result, as discussed above.

I am so grateful to be apart of this business model committed to providing a specialised and comprehensive service, with Good old fashion values and excellent customer care


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