Attention, A Must-Read For Anyone Who Owns or Knows Someone That Owns a Solar Hot Water System!

Updated: May 18

The fundamental rule with Solar Hot Water is to let the SUN have a go first.

But if you aren’t told this when buying your system or home with an existing system, how are you the know, right?

Here at Sears Solar, we believe knowledge is the key to basically free hot water most of the year-round, that and an automated booster switch.

If you have a Solar Hot Water System, relying on the primary source of heat, the SUN is the way to go, right?

When installed correctly, you can save over 2/3 of your current yearly Hot water bills. So it pay’s for it’s self in time.

But so many people leave their “booster or back up” turned on, not knowing that this cause’s it to work the most expensive way possible.

So do me a favour, if you have a Solar Hot Water System, or know anyone that does. Make sure your booster switch is turned off.

Give a chance for the Sun to heat your water. If your system is set up correctly, then this will lower your hot water bills by up to 2/3 for most of the year.

If it’s not, give us a call on (07) 2103 5099, we will run through a free troubleshooting session with you over the phone.


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