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Solar Hot Water Systems

Sears Solar Hot Water Or Electric Banksia Beach Bongaree Woorim Caloundra New

roof mounted

  • 300 litres

  • Stainless steel tank

  • 10 year tank warranty

  • 7 year panel warranty

Sears Solar Neopower Split System Solar Hot Water.png

split system

  • 250, 315 or 400 litres

  • Enamel lined mild steel tank

  • 7 year tank warranty

  • 7 year panel warranty

Neopower Roof Mounted

The Neopower 300 litre Roof mounted Solar Hot Water system is our imported budget model and delivers excellent savings results for 4 people in a home.

Neopower has been in Australia for 11 years now and receives excellent reviews for quality and longevity, uses generic valves that are easily sourced from any plumbing suppliers.

The tank is made of marine grade Stainless Steel which comes with a 10 year warranty. Stainless steel tanks do not rust or require a sacrificial anode as per mild steel systems like Solahart, Rheem and Solagain systems for example.

The copper plated solar panels are cased in a sturdy aluminium frame that will not rust and lcome with a 7 year warranty.    

Prices start at $3990 inc GST after rebates, for a full installation on a low set home.


Finance is available through Brighte Green Loans.

Neopower Split System 

Neopower Split Systems come in a variety of sizes to suit many size family's of 2-6+ people.

Constructed of Mild Steel with high heat resistant Vitreous Enamel coating to protect the tank, these split systems also utilise a sacrificial anode for added protection.

The system come with a solid 7 year warranty on tank and panels.

These systems use a simple to understand controller,  making it easy to self diagnose that the system is operating correctly.


Spare parts are easily accessible. Some brands require you to buy their specific parts for which they charge a premium. 

Starting at $3595 inc GST after rebates fully installed on a low set home, the Neopower Split is a solid choice for this style of system.  

Again finance is available.