Hydrotherm Heat Pump
using Air to Energy Technology
Hydrotherm Air To Energy Heat Pump .png

The heat pump is can excellent alternative to electric or gas hot water if you do not have the roof space to fit Solar Hot Water on your roof or your roof is affected by shade.

Put simply, they extract the heat out of the air to heat your water.

If you have ever felt the heat behind a running air conditioner then you will start to get the idea.

The operating costs in Brisbane are approx. 1/3 of electric or gas so they will gain you immediate savings on your power bills from the moment they are installed. 

There are many brands available on the market with all types of features.


We have chosen offer the Hydrotherm due to the excellent reviews from plumbers we know that install them and the industry leading warranty offered. 

It is the only heat pump that offers a 6 year full warranty on parts and labour.

Considering the amount of technology involved in a heat pump, this is where I've seen many other brands fall short where they offer 5 years on the tank and one year for the electrical components.

Fully installed on a standard installation we offer this system for $3520 inc GST after rebates.

Finance is available.