How you currently pay for hot Water

How Electric and Gas Hot Water Works

  • An Electric hot water system uses electricity to activate a “heating element”, which in turn heats the water inside a tank.

  • Electricity is its only source of heat, which you purchase in Kilowatts (Kwh). 

  • A Gas storage hot water system burns gas to heat water inside a tank. The gas is supplied in bottles (LPG) or from the street. (Mains/Natural/Town gas)​

  • The other Gas hot water system is Instantaneous, which does not involve storing hot water in a tank, but rather heats the water required on demand, again by burning gas.

  • Gas is the only source of heat, which you purchase in Litres (L), Megajoules (Mj), or Kilograms (Kg).

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Both Electric and Gas hot water use a thermostat, which senses temperature, and turns on the heating element or gas burner to heat your cold water supply to 60°C, ready for use. (Most modern Instantaneous gas system heat to 50°C)  


Every time this occurs, you are paying for hot water.

Hot water ready for use

How Solar Hot Water Works

Sears Solar - How Solar Hot Water works.
  • Solar Hot Water has 2 types of power available to provide hot water, the Sun first and then either electricity or gas.


  • The Sun is the main source of energy which is "FREE".

  • Electricity or Gas are secondary or "backup" sources of power, only to be used when the Sun does not provide enough heat.

Sears Solar Hot Water Booster Not Workin

How to use Solar Hot Water

Rule number 1 with Solar Hot Water - Let the Sun to heat the water first.

Sounds obvious yet so many people do not know this through no fault of their own, and leave the "backup" on.


The problem with this is that we use most of our hot water at night when there is no Sun.

Therefore the system reheats the hot water used just like an Electric or Gas system, using the "backup" overnight with energy you are paying for.


This drastically increases your hot water bill and defeats the purpose of Solar Hot Water.

The “backup” sources of power or “Boost” is only to be used when there is insufficient heat available from the Sun to fully heat the water. This will occur during colder months and/or extended cloudy periods.

On average in Brisbane QLD, for approximately 7-8 months of the year, a Solar Hot Water system will provide most homes with “free” hot water.

During the rest of the year, a correctly designed and installed Solar Hot Water system will preheat the water before requiring the use of backup power, dramatically reducing the boost required, therefore lowering energy bills.


In Brisbane, on a clear Winter 16°C day, the amount of energy required to "boost" is about one-third of what would be consumed with a standalone electric or gas hot water system in most homes.

We recommend setting your booster to an automated service. Then you will always have hot water regardless of what the weather is doing while maximising savings potential of your hot water bill. 


This is what Solar Hot Water was designed to do. 

If you currently have Solar Hot Water and do not get these results, then the system has been incorrectly installed or has stopped working properly, guaranteed! 

Feel free to call us for an obligation free troubleshooting session over the phone on (07) 2103 5099 and we will gladly help you with this.