Sears Solar Renewable Energy Green Kedro

Anita Purkiss - Co Founder

Client Relations Specialist

Solar Energy Enthusiast

My career background has been varied, with a strong customer focus and I have always strived to help make a better experience for those I encounter.

I have over a decade of Management experience in various roles, ranging from small Barber Shops and Pathology Clinics to Aircraft with a crew of 12-16 and guests in the hundreds and being the Queensland manager for a not-for-profit organization.

My leadership roles have been, but not limited to, running well-established businesses with the need to evolve and adhere to strict policy and procedure while always maintaining focused on guest, safety, and time requirements.

Considering myself environmentally conscious, I am incredibly enthusiastic about lessening the impact on mother earth, hence my primary reason for having had Solar in my last three homes, spanning more than a decade.

I drive a fully electric car, using and making as many clean choices as possible in my home and for my family.

2020 meant it was time for me to find my new career passion. 


The more time I spent with Troy and seeing his enthusiasm for "Restoring Faith in the Solar Hot Water Industry," I realized this is it! I can combine my passion for the environment and renewable energies i.e "Solar Hot Water," with what drives me, being, working with people to make a positive difference.

I have experienced first hand how well that Solar Hot Water works when done right, having at the time a fundamental understanding of how it works and confidence in the after-sales support if problems occur.

I now want to help others to be able to experience this for themselves.

Sharing a vision of creating this company that provides a reliable service, uses open transparent communication, integrity and ethics, ensures customers are informed and confident they have made the right decision.


Not selling for the sake of a "sale." is something both Troy and I are very committed to.

Being able to guarantee what someone will save is another major attraction of becoming a co-founder in Sears Solar.

I am so grateful to be a part of this business model committed to providing a specialized and comprehensive service with good old fashion values and excellent customer care and look forward to the opportunity to serve you.