About Sears Solar

Sears Solar is a professional solar hot water service with 2 primary objectives.

  1. To provide the highest value for money Solar Hot Water service in the Greater Brisbane and surrounding areas.

  2. To return the reputation of Solar Hot Water to where it rightfully belongs, as "the logical choice for hot water supply" in an area with an abundance of Sun, in which we live.


We achieve this by:
  • Informing people of what solar hot water will produce in savings and reduction of environmental impact compared to tradition energy sources and backing this up with real  results.

  • Providing information to existing solar hot water owners that helps identify if they are receiving these benefits and offer services to rectify.

  • Designing new installations specifically suited to the needs of the clients hot water demands and provide predictable, guaranteed savings outcomes to our customers from the moment of installation onwards.

  • Source and provide high quality Solar Hot Water systems known for value for money.

  • Source highly skilled tradespeople and train in solar hot water to install the systems in the manner to provide the above outcomes.

  • Provide exceptional ongoing support to customers and resolving any issues that may arise in a prompt, professional, accountable and responsible manner.

Sears Solar Deagon Bracken Ridge Sandgate Samford Hot Water Roof Mounted Remove.JPG

Troy Cottrell

  • Director

  • Plumber and Drainer

  • Solar hot water professional

Sears Solar Renewable Energy Green Kedron Bald Hills Gordon Chermside Cashmere Caboolture.

Anita Purkiss

  • Co founder

  • Client relations specialist

  • Solar enthusiast