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Review our range of high quality energy efficient solar hot water systems with excellent warranty's and professional installation. 

Solar hot water repairs

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Trust your repairs to us and bypass unnecessary expenses incurred by plumbers who simply do not know how solar hot water works. 

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What is solar hot water and how does it work?

Solar hot water is a hot water system that uses the heat from the Sun as a source of free energy.

It has a tank to store the hot water and panels that absorb heat from the Sun. 


Think of how hot the inside of your car feels after being parked in the Sun and you can see the potential.

Correctly installed, a 2 x panel solar hot water system will produce the equivalent of a 2-3Kw solar power system while using a quarter of the roof space.

In most cases your will see 75-90% savings on you hot water bills which is approx. 1/3 on your power bill.  


Why choose solar hot water?

Hot water is a necessity of life.

Buying hot water most of the year does not have to be.

Solar hot water uses the Sun as a heat source.

The light we receive from the Sun is free, so is it's heat.

Solar hot water uses this heat as the primary power source, only using electricity or gas as a back up system.

With so much Sun in South East Queensland, solar hot water is the logical choice for your hot water needs.

The environment will thank you for it as well.

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Q. Why Choose Sears Solar?

A. With Sears Solar you are not just 

solar hot water. 


Included we every quality system we offer is:


Our specialist knowledge that guarantees your system will work to it's maximum potential, evident by immediate and ongoing savings on your energy bills, 

Your system installed by quality fully licensed and insured Plumbers and Electricians to our high standards of performance and neatness using high quality materials,

Ongoing, easy to access, prompt after sales support if required.

Talk to a professional who knows how to guarantee you excellent results.

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